SHAPERZ Hypoallergenic Moon Shaped Makeup Sheets - Professional Eyeshadow Shields for Eye Makeup - Prevent Eyelash Extensions, Tinting, and Lip Makeup Residue (100 units in 2 pack)

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Shaperz moon-shaped makeup sheets are a must-have accessory in every woman’s makeup kit. This makeup sheet is hypo-allergic, non-irritating to the eyes, non-itching, odorless, and safe to use. It is used for eyelash extension, eyelash perming, eyelash tinting, and lips makeup. It can also reduce dark circles and eye puffiness. Eyeshadow makeup is simple but has never been easier! Use our Shaperz makeup sheet to make it conveniently! Remove the top layer of the sheet and apply it under the eye before applying the makeup to create the beautiful cat-eye and protect the under-eye area from catch makeup leftovers or excess spills! To make your makeup work quicker and cleaner, these self-adhesive makeup sheets give you great support. These makeup sheets save time on the touch-up, and the disposal sheet is convenient to use. It is suitable for all age groups of women and ideal for professionals, makeup artists, and personal uses.

  • L Inch: 5.078740157480315
  • B Inch: 6.850393700787402
  • H Inch: 0.2755905511811024
  • Weight: 0.049
  • Capacity: undefined
  • Material: undefined
  • Features: MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The moon-shaped makeup sheets are perfect for preventing the under-eye area from makeup residue. It allows you to shape the eyeliner, eyelash extension, lip makeup, etc.HYPO-ALLERGIC MATERIALS: The makeup sheets are made of non-irritating skin-friendly material. It is hygienic, does not produce itchiness to the skin, safe, and convenient to use.SIMPLE TO USE: Remove the top layer of the makeup sheet and apply it under the eye or lips. Apply the makeup with perfection by using these self-adhesive moon shape sheets.SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: These under-eye makeup sheets are ideal for both professional and personal use. It is suitable for cosmetics, studios, makeup salons, makeup artists, and so on.PERFECT GIFT CHOICE: The Shaperz half-moon shape makeup sheets are a great gift present for girlfriends, colleagues, friends, daughters, relatives, and many more.