SHAPERZ Hypoallergenic Earring Support Patches - Earring Lifters for Earlobe Support - Earring Stabilizers - Medical Earring Tapes for Sensitive Skin (80 Units in 1 Pack)

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Every woman in the world wants to wear different kinds of earrings! With this in mind, Shaperz created a supporting earring patch to wear all types of earrings. The patches are made of skin-friendly material that is lightweight, non-irritating, and will feel like you’re not wearing anything on the ear. It also won't obstruct the beauty of your earrings. These earring support patches are convenient to use. Place the sticky side of the adhesive patch on the back of your ear lobe, gently press it for firmly attaching, then insert your earring through the ear hole and the patch. It is safe and comfortable for all skin types and any age groups of people such as teens, adults, mothers, grandmothers, etc. Our Shaperz earring patches protect your ear lobes after a long time wearing heavy earrings, apply these patches and confidently wear earrings of your choice. You can use these earring support patches for yourself or send them to your friends, family members, relatives, lovers, and others as gifts.

  • L Inch: 5.078740157480315
  • B Inch: 6.850393700787402
  • H Inch: 0.5118110236220472
  • Weight: 0.065
  • Capacity: undefined
  • Material: undefined
  • Features: SAFE TO WEAR: Our Shaperz earring support patches are made of medical-grade emulsion-free soft material that is comfortable to touch and wear. It gives stability to the ear to wear heavier earrings.EASY TO USE: Apply the lightweight, non-irritating, yet durable skin-colored patches to the back of your ear lobe and insert your earring as usual. These patches are easy to apply without much effortREPAIR LOOK OF TORN EARLOBES: Disguise the weight tugging at your lobes, apply the patch, and conveniently wear earrings of your choice. It is safe and comfortable for every woman, including people with stretched ear holes.WIDELY USED: Our Shaperz earring support patches are useful for wearing all varieties of earrings, studs, hoops, etc. also can work with pins. It is also reducing the risk of item loss if the regular backing comes off.IDEAL GIFT CHOICE: The earring support patches are a surprising gift for those who love to wear different types of earrings. It is the best gift choice for a daughter, wife, friend, co-workers, etc.