Pigeon Titanium Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker - Cook delicious food in less time: soups, rice, legumes, and more 3 Litres Black

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The 3L Pigeon Deluxe Aluminum Pressure Cooker with an outer lid is a versatile addition to your kitchen accessories. Prepare delicious, flavorful, and nutritious meals in a fraction of the time you would with regular pots and pans. Made with high-grade virgin aluminum and packed with safety features, our cooking utensils ensure that you have a safe and pleasant cooking experience every time. It can also be used as a pressure cooker for canning. The stain-resistant, virgin aluminum conforms to IS 21:1992 and the gaskets are made from superior quality, food-grade nitrile rubber conforms to IS 7466:1994. Easy to use and care for, pressure cookers save time and energy – without cutting back on flavor. Especially good for food like beans, peas, meat, grain, pulses, and legumes which take longer to cook. Available in a wide range of sizes, we offer cookware that is designed for ease of use and built to last. Package Contents: 1-Piece Pressure Cooker (3 Litres)

  • L Inch: 12.07
  • B Inch: 11.68
  • H Inch: 9.32
  • Weight: 1.5
  • Capacity: 3 Litre
  • Material: undefined
  • Features: Easy to Care For - A classic addition for any kitchen, our Hard Anodised Aluminum pressure cookers are made from high quality metal and Packed with Safety Features.Durable Construction: Our cooker features an extra thick 5mm base with 3 layers of Hard Anodised Aluminum for even heat distribution which helps your food cook evenly.Designed with You in Mind – We built this pot to be easy to use down to the comfortable handles and easy to clean Hard Anodised Aluminum.Energy Efficient - Save time and energy while cooking soups, meats, legumes, grains and more! Pressure cookers cut down cooking time – while infusing your food with flavor.Works on Many Cooktop Styles - Suitable for all types of heat sources - Induction, Gas, Ceramic HOB, and Solid plate.