Pigeon Nonstick Skillet 11" - Triple Layer Scratch Resistant Coating for omelettes, stir fry, eggs and more!

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Pigeon Storm series fry pans are Designed with You in Mind. We created an easy to use and care for pan that would be suitable for any household. We considered all the details and decided that only the best would do. Featuring three layers of non-stick coating, even the stickiest foods slide out of the pan. We wanted a pan that would stand up to tough conditions and so we chose a coating that was scratch resistant and durable for your peace of mind.

  • L Inch: 17.72
  • B Inch: 11.02
  • H Inch: 3.54
  • Weight: 1.65
  • Capacity: undefined
  • Material: undefined
  • Features: Nonstick – Featuring a triple layered non-stick greblon coating from Germany, this pan is easy to use and allows you to cook eggs, meat, vegetables, and more with confidence.Cook Healthier – Our nonstick coating allows you to cook with less oil, helping you cut back on calories and fat.Detailed Design – We kept even the smallest details in mind down to the cool to the touch and comfortable to hold handle.Built to Last – Featuring a 4mm thick spiral base, this pan is durable and the coating is also scratch resistant for your peace of mind.Heats Evenly – Thanks to the extra thick base on this pan, food cooks faster and more evenly – say goodbye to burn spots!