Immunex Tea-50 gms

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Immunex Tea :


Best Immunity Booster tea which contains Lemongrass , Ginger Chunks and Lakadong Turmeric Chunks.

Wild Lemongrass is a powerful anti-oxidant which Ayurveda has used for over centuries.  Great for weight loss.  Lemongrass contains the inflammation-fighting compounds chlorogenic acid, isoorientin, and swertiajaponin . Our lemon grass is gown on mineral rich Himalayan region of Uttarakhand grown naturally and organically only(not a certified organic product yet) with natural process. 

Our Ginger is premium grade organic Ginger grown in Himalayan region of Pristine Meghalaya which is highly pungent and provides great aroma. Our ginger contains high level of non volatile anti oxidants gingerols, shogaols, paradols, and zingerone. 

Lakadong Turmeric dried chunks contains high level of curcumin and provides great aroma to the tea

Benefits includes:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Fights infections, improves oral health 
  • Aids in weight loss 
  • Boost immunity and improves red blood cell levels
  • Reduces water retention and relieves bloating
  • Studies shows it also reduces cholesterol