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Who are we?

HFA - Hindus for America.

Hindus for America is a fastest growing volunteer driven organization now in in 22 states and 4 countries out to redefine the future of Hinduism and America.

It comes with thorough analysis of difficulties Hindus face around the country and vision for a suitable measured response mechanism.

HFA does not intend to replace existing organizations but simply intends to make them more effective by providing all services that are not their core competencies.

HFA has a well defined 6 pillar execution strategy for unifying, educating, supporting, and retaining our future generations in the Hindu scaffold.


Unite All Hindu and India Centric Organizations Under a Centralized Trusted Umbrella and
Stand up for Leadership, Peace and Prosperity of Hindus and America


Upliftment of Hindu Ideals in Life for Lasting Leadership, Peace and Prosperity of Hindus and America

Educating Young Minds and Continuing Lifelong Education for a Balanced Thinking and De- radicalization of Anti-Hindus

Support Hindu Causes for the Benefits of Hindus and Greater American Society Identify Causes and Build Structures to Support Hindu & America Centric Politicians


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